Money Alone Will Not Help Reduce Accidents: Attitudes Must Change

The Government of the United States of America has invested millions of dollars in road safety measures. However,thousands of Americans continue dying every year because of car crashes.

Car wreck stats in Louisiana are getting grimmer. More Americans are dying on the roads in the 21st century than was the case in the 20th century.

Are newer car models to blame? Are Americans just becoming more careless? Where really is the problem? What will address these dire car wreck stats in Louisiana? Will it take an army of auto accident attorney ?

Can the Government Really Help?

Of course,the government has its role to play in reducing car crashes. Louisiana needs better and more advanced roads. The old Louisiana roads cannot handle the current number of vehicles in Louisiana. They are suitable for fewer vehicles. Presently,almost every household in Louisiana has a car. Some households have a number of cars.

The American Government also needs to do more on sensitizing Americans on the importance of road safety. Some people simply lack the information,only to learn more when discussing their situation with a accident attorney .

Penalties must become stricter. Presently,they are a bit lax. Many careless drivers are easily getting off the hook. The Louisiana State Legislature should pass stricter laws.

The Government Cannot Do it Alone

It is not only a government problem. It is also a people problem. Americans are some of the most reckless drivers on earth. There is very little that the government can do about changing the attitudes of people.

The attitude of Americans needs to change. They should exercise caution on the roads. When everyone in America recognizes that the next victim of a car crash can be a family member,a friend,or even a work colleague,much can change.

The Bottom Line

Money can help,especially when a sue for a car accident is involved. By the government investing more money in infrastructure,the state of the roads will improve greatly. However,money is just but one side of the equation. The other side involves Americans driving responsibly.

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